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The Alexander Apartments

Owners & building management

A building’s Owners Committee is probably the most crucial function to get right as it guides all other strata building functions, relationships and decisions. 

Our Owners Committee is comprised of highly accomplished, senior professionals from various fields with a diverse expertise, and are totally committed to their roles with the collective focus to make good, well balanced decisions and implement theme in a timely, effective and efficient way. The wealth of combined experience is a cornerstone of the efficiency of our building management and resident community.

A full-time Building Manager reports to the Strata Committee. This role ensures the upkeep of the building and the ongoing management of facilities for all owners and residents. It includes aspects of compliance, planning for plant replacement and managing the 24-hour Concierge facility.

Owners Committee








Royce Brennan

Peter Reedman

Andrew Perry

Tom Ford

Philip Berner

Marion Aye

David Lipman

Building Management  Committee (BMC)

Andrew Perry

Philip Berner

Elected Nov 2022

Building Manager

Graeme Hewitt

Excel Building Management

Appointed Dec 2019

Elected Nov 2022

strata manager

Acumen Strata’s professional services provide guidance to Owners and the Committee on legal and compliance obligations which are essential to a large residential building.

Phone:   02 7253 5820

Post:      PO Box 455, Newtown, NSW 2042

Three ways to contact Acumen Strata:  

Submit strata related questions or complaints through this form

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Building Works



  • New flooring in common areas on residential floors
  • External work on weathered window seals
  • Compliance - Australian Fire Safety Standards 


  • Repainting of common areas on residential floors
  • Energy saving lights installed in residential floors & common areas
  • Service & risk audit of major suppliers and service providers
  • Compliance - Australian Fire Safety Standards
  • External inspection of weathered window seals and repair
  • Installed energy saving LEDs on all parking levels
  • Introduced BuildingLink as the building management platform


  • Window frame repair/replacement program
  • Replaced hot water meters in all units
  • Compliance - Australian Fire Safety Standards
  • Carpark security & access upgraded with numberplate recognition


  • Entrance & foyer redesign and outfitting
  • Gym - Refurbishment of the gym, spa and pool.
  • Lifts - All lifts replaced including computer systems
  • Security - Intercom system upgraded throughout the building
  • Building Management - Systems upgrade
  • Compliance - Australian Fire Safety Standards
  • Compliance - Window Safety complies with current Building Code
  • Compliance - Building Facade Fire Risk Assessment

The Alexander Apartments

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