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These are the things anyone residing here needs to know about - to make life easier  We want Residents to use these facilities, as often as needed.  They are free to use (although a couple do require a refundable deposit). 

Contact the Concierge for questions and to book one of the facilities below, or update your details. Thanks!                                                  

Mobile         (+61) 0424 831 267

Questions?    Ask the Concierge

Residents Registration

If you’ve just moved in, changed details or lease out your carpark, download the Residents Registration form (or get one from the Concierge) and fill it in and get your security FOB checked by the Concierge. (Fobs unaccounted for are cancelled off the security system periodically.)

This is is required for:

  • NSW Strata regulation requires a current resident register in all multi-unit residential buildings.
  • Deliveries - to contact you when items are delivered. 
  • Building security - Security fobs are audited annually for building security including those held by property managers or those leasing a car space. Any Fobs not accounted for are cancelled to prevent unauthorised entry.
  • Health & safety - to advise of safety issues, facilitate compliance audits (eg annual fire safety), or assist residents in an emergency.
  • Vehicle recognition - Identify vehicles permitted to use the Residents carpark. 
  • Car space leasing - Identify non-resident cars that have leased a space from a Resident. Their vehicle details must be logged with the Concierge. 
  • Emergency repairs - in case something affects your apartment (eg. flooding) and access is required for repairs. 
  • Leasing agency - in case the Property Manager needs to be contacted to facilitate emergency repairs.

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Carpark Access 

Numberplate Recognition (NPR) allows registered vehicles entry to our carpark. Register your vehicle so your numberplate will be automatically read to allow entry. 

Provided your vehicle details in the Residents Registration form to the Concierge, who will check your FOB key and upload vehicle numberplate into the system. It will be active the next day.

Fob swipe access remains for:

  • Motorbike riders and cyclists - to allow entry to the carpark
  • As a back up in case of the system does not read a numberplate correctly, or if NPR system operation is interrupted.

Leasing your car space?

A non-resident vehicle/driver leasing a Resident’s car space can be added to the NPR system for automated access. 

Free Moving Facilities

Moving is a chore - make it easier

Do it more efficiently using the loading dock and goods lift.  Booking these also means items are better protected while being moved in the lift. Note - the Loading Dock is a shared facility so moves must be done within specific hours each day.

Book early

  • Book three weeks ahead for the best chance to secure a date & time that works for you and your removal list.  This is important during December & January,
  • Download the Move Booking Form and check with the Concierge if any times are already taken. Prior bookings take priority.
  • Select a date/time which works for you and your removal company. Height restrictions for loading dock are in the form. 
  • Confirm the booking with the Concierge and pay the moving bond (refundable)
  • Get organised. Wrap or box everything to complete the move in 2 hours.

On the day

  • The Concierge will open the loading bay door when the removals truck arrives. The 2-hour moving period starts once the goods lift is set up with its protective covers in place.
  • Moving out - Get all the boxes into your floor hallway in front of the lifts for faster loading straight into the goods lift as soon as it is available to you.
  • Moving in - Unload onto the dock, close to the goods lift so the first load goes up as soon as the lift is ready
  • Clear any rubbish. Ensure there is no mess or damage to your floor, the lift, loading dock, or car space.  Show the moving receipt to the Concierge to receive your bond back.   

Free Council Clean Up 

  • Moving out - Throw throw out out large, broken or unwanted items which are too large for the garbage chute.  
  • Moving in - Flatten and take all boxes and packaging to the loading dock for disposal. The Concierge can show where. 

Heavy Deliveries  (appliances, furniture & trades)

If your delivery needs a single trip to your floor - see the Concierge to use the loading dock and goods lift.  There is no cost or  booking required for one-trip deliveries.

Advise the Concierge early

  • Advise the concierge a day or two ahead. The Concierge will note it for whoever is on duty that day.
  • When the vehicle arrives, ask the Concierge to open the loading dock, and call the goods lift to move the heavy item to your floor.
  • If the delivery occurs while the loading dock is already in use, the Concierge will try to facilitate this with the person using it.
  • Small packaging can go down the garbage chute.  Discard large boxes and packaging in the fortnightly Household Clean up (see above).

Weekday deliveries or removals

  • Commercial tenants have deliveries each morning so trades vehicles cannot enter the loading bay in these hours. 
  • Trades or Delivery people can park in Little Spring Street and carry or wheel in equipment to our goods lift, so it reaches your floor

Trades & heavy equipment

A tradesperson with heavy equipment must also use the dock and goods lift.  It lowers the risk of damaged to their equipment, and to the regular passenger lifts. Coordinate the same way as for Heavy Deliveries. 


New visitor parking is available on B2.  The residential contractor parking will be used for visitor and disabled parking, and is conveniently located near the B1 lifts. 


  • Two spaces available
  • Between 4 pm & 12 am on  Monday - Friday 
  • Any time on Saturday, Sunday and on Public holidays
  • Maximum duration is 4 hours


  • Fill in a form below and see the Concierge  
  • No deposit required
  • Exceeding the time limit is not fair to others and may result in losing use of this facility.

Council parking Permits

  • Residential parking permits for street are not available as our building is located within North Sydney’s commercial zone. 

Visitor parking permits 

  • Permits for can be obtained from North Sydney Council (200 Miller Street). Visitors must park in streets on the north of Berry Street.  

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