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The Alexander Apartments

Extraordinary General Meeting

Proposed Bylaws 2023



Registration time

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Zoom meeting. Details are in the Strata Letter to Owners.

5.45 pm

6.00 pm


Meeting documents

  •   Letter to Owners

Strata letter letter (date)

 2.  Proposed bylaws

 Proposed bylaws (Link to full PDF)

 Bylaws with substantial changes (Link to PDF)

 Bylaws with minor changes (Link to PDF)

 3.  Voting by Proxy

If you are not joining in the meeting to vote you can print and complete the Proxy form.

 It must be returned no later than 24 hours prior to the meeting. Proxies received after this time will be invalid.

 Proxy Form (PDF)

 Company Nominee Form (PDF)

 4.  Feedback or questions (Optional)

To ask a question about a proposed bylaw prior to the meeting, send it to email.

Can Strata or a Committee provide an email & last date for pre-meeting questions?  

5.  FAQs:  If OC responses are collated

The Committee’s response to frequently asked questions are collated in a document and linked for access: 

 Bylaw FAQs (PDF) (If doc is added)

The Alexander Apartments

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