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The Alexander Apartments

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The Alexander is a 115 metre residential skyscraper located in central North Sydney. The Alexander Apartments consists of 36 residential floors and employs a full time building manager as well as 24 hour concierge team.

241 Dwellings


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About Alexander Berry

Berry Street and our building are named after an enterprising settler who rose to prominence, leaving his mark on North Sydney. He is possibly Australia’s first millionaire.

Alexander Berry

Wollstonecraft Cottage, 

Crows Nest

Alexander Berry

NSW Legislature

Alexander Berry (1781 -1873) was a Scottish-born surgeon, merchant, landowner, magistrate, Justice of the Peace (1922) and a member of the NSW Legislative Council between 1828 and 1861.In 1812 whilst travelling from Lisbon to Cadiz he met Edward Wollstonecraft (1783-1832) and later formed what turned out to be a very productive and successful business relationship that traversed from England to Australia. 

Berry’s success in Australia started In 1822 when he and Wollstonecraft were given a land grant of 10,000 acres and 100 convicts by the NSW government to establish a settlement in the south coast area of Shoalhaven, NSW.   Thanks to valuable crops such as tobacco and cedar timber the settlement grew and prospered under their management.  With land purchases the estate was 40,000 acres by 1863.  It was called the Coolangatta Estate (Collungatta was the Aboriginal word for ‘fine view’) and was subsequently renamed ‘Berry’ in his honour.  

Berry married Wollstonecraft’s sister Elisabeth in 1827.  Business partner Edward Wollstonecraft, a merchant, banker, magistrate and property owner received the last of the large Sydney land grants given away before 1831, when the colonial Governors stopped dispensing free land to those deemed worthy and productive. The ‘Wollstonecraft Estate’ consisted of 524 acres of coastal woodland, heath, Sandstone Closed forest and Blue Gum high forest in what today are the suburbs of North Sydney, Wollstonecraft, Waverton and Crows Nest.   

Alexander Berry lived his final years within the acreage of the Wollstonecraft estate after rebuilding a house originally built by Wollstonecraft called 'Crows Nest' which the suburb later took as its name. The location is now the site of the North Sydney Demonstration School on Pacific Highway.  On his death in 1873, his estate was noted at over £1.2m Sterling - such a huge sum for the day he may have been Australia’s first millionaire.

Berry Island Reserve, Berry Street, and Alexander Street North Sydney all originally within the Wollstonecraft estate were named after Alexander Berry.


The Alexander Apartments

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